Isotonic TheraGel Hole Punched Memory Foam Topper

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theragel-topperThe Isotonic® TheraGel® Memory Foam Topper is made of two inches of temperature-sensitive smart foam featuring TheraGel microbeads. Unlike other gel-infused foam toppers, which are made using gel dust, the TheraGel® mattress topper is made with microgel “beads” which increase support and comfort dramatically.

Gel memory foam evenly distributes body weight, eliminating painful pressure points that cause tossing and turning. It also offers variable support so that you don’t sink in too deeply, while isolating movement to reduce motion disturbances throughout the night.

The Isotonic® TheraGel® topper features Active Air Technology™ and provides 400% greater airflow than memory foam toppers without Active Air Technology™. With its open cell structure the TheraGel® topper “breathes” limiting excessive heat buildup so you sleep at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The 210 thread count NanoCool™ comfort fabric cover with Cool Choice™ mesh gusset wicks moisture away for cooler, dryer sleep . The stretch to fit skirt fits mattresses up to 19 inches. The cover is machine washable for easy care.

The Isotonic® TheraGel® Memory Foam Topper turns your mattress into an incredible support system. It’s a revolutionary advance in sleep – a deeply restful sleep that relaxes, refreshes and rejuvenates.

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Isotonic® TheraGel®™ Hole Punched Memory Foam Topper

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