7 Novel Bits of Sleep Advice from Sleep Doctors

The Huffington Post recently posted a great article that included seven pieces of advice from sleep doctors on how to fall asleep.  At least one of them, we’ll admit, we’d never heard of.  Check out the short version of the advice below, and click over to the article for full explanations.

Blow Bubbles

This isn’t a joke.  They really suggest getting out one of those little bottles of bubble stuff that you buy for kids, and blowing a few bubbles.  It’s a great way to simulate a deep breathing exercise.

Sidetrack Your Mind

This one may be easier said than done, but if you find your mind is racing at bedtime with all of the worries of the day or things you need to do tomorrow, learn to find your “happy place” or imagine yourself doing something very repetitive.

Tune Out

Listening to very calm music before turning out the light or even while you’re trying to go to sleep can do wonders for your mindset.  White noise machines that have an option of ocean or babbling brook sounds work similarly.

Exercise in the Evening

A vigorous workout that ends 90-120 minutes before bedtime can reduce stress.

Don’t Look at Your Clock

This is a really good one.  If you’re laying in bed trying to go to sleep, there’s a tendency to glance at the clock and do “bedtime math” — working out how much sleep you’re going to get if you doze off RIGHT NOW.  Truly, you’re better off not knowing exactly what time you go to sleep.

Make a List

Rather than laying in bed worrying about the next day, put those worries on paper.  It will help you get a head start when you do wake up in the morning.