COVID-19 Sleep Tips from the ASA

The social distancing measures and stress caused by COVID-19, or coronavirus, is impacting every portion of our lives.  Sleep is no exception to that rule, but it’s a critical part of staying healthy during the pandemic.  

Our partners at the American Sleep Association (ASA) have provided a series of tips for how to try to sleep if you have any illness, including COVID-19:

Take a warm bath: A warm bath may ease muscle soreness. It is also a nice way to relax before trying to sleep.

Go to sleep a little earlier: Now is not the time to skimp on sleep. Try to get another hour or two of sleep each night. Also, if you need a nap during the day, take one.

Use a humidifier: Place a cool-mist humidifier in your room to add moisture to the air. The increased moisture may help decrease congestion and ease coughing.

Elevate your head: If you have congestion, placing a few pillows under your head to prop yourself up may decrease stuffiness.

Create the right environment: The right environment helps promote sleep regardless of whether you are sick or not. But since getting enough rest helps your immune system, it is even more important to get the sleep you need. Most people sleep best in a dark and quiet environment that is not too warm.

Relax before going to sleep: With all the current uncertainty in the world, it can be hard to quiet your mind. But taking some time before you try to sleep to relax is helpful. Put aside your phone and log off social media. Instead, find something that helps you unwind, such as listening to music, reading, or doing deep breathing exercises.

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