Five Top Tools for Better Sleep

What’s in your sleep toolbox?  We came up with five suggestions to help you get a better night’s rest:

A place for your devices

As in … a place other than your bedside.  Smartphones and tables are wonderful tools, but their introduction has not been good for our sleep.  Between the distractions at night and the blue light they emit, these devices provide a variety of things that will keep us from the rest we need.  We realize many people use them as alarm clocks.  At minimum, they should be kept silenced and across the room while you sleep.  A better solution is to buy an old style alarm clock and keep the devices out of the bedroom entirely.

White noise

Whether it’s a small fan or a device (like these) designed to make noises like the ocean or a babbling brook, white noise is a fantastic tool to get your mind thinking about things other than family, chores, or work.  Another idea is to tell your Amazon or Google smart speaker to play white noise for you.  One final option is to use an app on your smartphone, but be sure to keep the phone on the other side of the room so it won’t distract you. 

Room darkening shades

This is mainly for people who live in bright, city areas or who need to sleep at odd hours.  They’re invaluable for creating a “cave” in your room, and settling your brain down for a good night’s sleep.  For a cheaper solution, pick up a sleep mask.


Do you sleep in a noisy area like the city or near a road?  Maybe you sleep in hotels a lot?  Or, maybe your bed partner is a loud sleeper?  In all of these situations, earplugs are your best friend.


Proper bedding

The right bedding might be the most important tool you can have for sleep.  If you’re not sleeping well, we always recommend a bedding check.  Are your sheets the right weight for the temperature in your room?  Is your pillow supportive and not too old?  We recommend you replace your pillow every 1.5 years.  Finally, is your mattress firm, supportive, and big enough?  For suggestions on new bedding, check out our Recommended Products page.