Summer health starts with sleep. You actually feel, think and look better with a good night’s rest. So, SleepBetter has created a cute and cuddly reminder for you to, well… sleep better.

Introducing Pillow! This fluffy little guy has traveled across the entire United States as part of the “Postcards from Pillow" program.

During the summer of 2013, Pillow was adopted by parents in each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, and those Pillow Parents agreed to help us spread the SleepBetter healthy-living message. They kept their little bundle of comfort by their sides during their summer adventures -- from a major league baseball game to mountaintops and to the shores of lakes and oceans.

As our new Pillow Parents traveled across the U.S. this summer, they documented those adventures by sending us postcards. You wouldn't believe some of the pictures we received. Pillow has been seen at a lighthouse, a 5K race, and in the company of cats, dogs, a coatimundi (we had to look it up too) and a rooster! So, where did this all lead? Sky high, that's where. At the end of the summer, we selected five dedicated pillows that have "the Right Fluff" and we sent them into (near) space!

Click here for details about the Pillow in Space program. Click here to check out a gallery of postcards we've received thus far, and if you're a Pillow Parent, click here to upload your own postcard.

SleepBetter is serious about sleep, but we want to have fun spreading the news.








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