Monday Sleep Quiz: Is Spain Anti-Sleep?

How much do you know about sleep? Are you a sleep sherpa, or simply a novice? Be sure to get a great night’s sleep, and then take our weekly sleep quiz! Here’s this week’s question:

 What daily sleep-related ritual has the country of Spain worked hard over the last few years to eliminate, as a way to boost productivity and align itself with the rest of the European Union?

The answer is … the siesta!

Most of our Facebook friends knew the answer to this one when we posted it, and there were some who disagreed before the answer was actually given! The Spanish government in 2012 began taking steps to eliminate the midday nap otherwise known as the siesta, and while certainly not every Spaniard takes one anymore, it appears the government believes it’s still enough of a practice to continue steps to eradicate it. Long lunch breaks that were originally designed to accommodate a siesta are still a practice, and, due to that, workdays in Spain last longer into the evening and the average dinnertime is much later when compared to the typical American supper. To read more about the “fight against the siesta” here are several articles: