Monday Sleep Quiz: Most Popular Sleep-Related Drug?

How much do you know about sleep?  Are you a sleep sherpa, or simply a novice?  Be sure to get a great night’s sleep, and then take our weekly sleep quiz!  Here’s this week’s question:

A sleep-related drug is generally regarded to be the most popular drug on the planet. What is it?

This one stumped nearly all of our friends when we posed it on our Facebook page.  In fact, out of 160+ answers posted at the time we revealed the answer, only TWO people had gotten it right, and those both came after we gave a hint!

Here’s the answer: Caffeine

Caffeine is available in nearly every store, and comes in multiple liquid forms, in pill form, in chocolate and other foods, and in specialty items like gum.

To sum up caffeine’s impact on the world, we provide a quote from a National Geographic article on the subject:

“For most of human existence, your pattern of sleeping and wakefulness was basically a matter of the sun and the season,” explains Charles Czeisler, a neuroscientist and sleep expert at Harvard Medical School. “When the nature of work changed from a schedule built around the sun to an indoor job timed by a clock, humans had to adapt. The widespread use of caffeinated food and drink—in combination with the invention of electric light—allowed people to cope with a work schedule set by the clock, not by daylight or the natural sleep cycle.”