Sleep and Money

Are you losing sleep over finances? If so, you probably need more than sleep advice. You probably need some financial counseling. Sleep and stress go hand in hand, and lack of sleep can end up causing a vicious cycle. Your best bet is to try and solve whatever problems and/or worries that are causing the sleep disturbance. Of course, that’s easier said than done. It might just be a matter of cutting back on superfluous spending. Bring your own lunch to work instead of eating out everyday. Instead of three or four magazine subscriptions, reduce it to one. Car pool whenever you can to save money. There are hundreds of little things you can do to make a huge difference in your savings. The trick is actually putting that saved money aside and using it to pay down a debt. All the little tricks in the world aren’t going to do you much good if you just spend the money you’ve saved on another frivolous purchase.

Sleeping problems can really get the best of a person, taking away their health and happiness. The less you sleep, the more you worry, and the further you drift from being able to actually problem-solve. Sometimes, just taking the initiative to solve problems is enough to beef up your confidence level and shake away those doubts and fears. However, if you’re still losing sleep over money and you’re finding it hard to climb out of debt, seek help. Your bank might be able to help you or offer sound advice. Maybe you’ve got good friends and/or relatives you can lean on temporarily. Do whatever it takes to put yourself on the right financial track. Your health is your most important asset and it takes good quality sleep to maintain it. Using a combination of behavioral modifications and financial restraint, you should soon see an improvement in your situation and, with any luck, you’ll soon be sleeping soundly.

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