Here are a few clues to guide you to the right answer in the Spot the Differences Challenge:


A great night's sleep will make you look, feel and even think better. It's true, and we're about to challenge your well-rested brain. To do so, SleepBetter is proud to team up again with Rhett & Link for the first of its kind YouTube music video...


Watch the video above and keep careful count of the differences in the side-by-side frames. Use the clues to the right to give you some help. When you're done and think you've found them all, use the link below to watch Rhett & Link's Answer Key Video and see if you got the right number.



Once you're done, check out these links:


The correct number of differences is between 520 and 505 less than the number of pillows we used last time.

Rhett, Link and their cast performed each scene twice, trying to hit exact marks and do each action identically for both takes. Given that, any changes in choreography are not differences. Specifically, this applies to body positioning (after he's knocked out, his legs/head/mouth etc. are different) and timing of body movements (she grabs the cane slightly later in one performance). None of these example count as differences. The only two exceptions are: a) if a character is not singing in one performance, but is in the other, and b) if a box opens during one performance but not the other.

The room with the most differences has 26 (including all set, prop, and wardrobe differences).

One of the most difficult differences is hiding behind a door that's open for almost the entire time it's on-screen.

Upgrade your bedding with a new set of pillows and a topper. Then, sleep better for a few nights and use your refreshed brainpower before you submit your guess.

We hope these tips help guide you to the right number. Good luck!

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