Celebrities and public figures aren't the only ones who have cameras trained on them. Even us "regular people" can find that our slumber can be captured and broadcast around the world. When these naps become public, they have the power to amuse and, believe it or not, even inspire.

Because naps are so powerful, we at SleepBetter.org present to you the Top 10 Sleepiest Moments of 2013.

Sleepiest Moment #10:

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was in the middle of a panel discussion during the video game conference Gamescom, when it became quite apparent he had fallen asleep. Not only was the picture below captured, there's an entire video available on YouTube. (Source: InsideGamingDaily).

Sleepiest Moment #9:

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James invited his Miami Heat teammates to Thanksgiving dinner at his home in Cleveland because they had a road game there the night before. Just like happens to your Uncle Bob every year, the feast got the best of several of the players, and they fell asleep right after their meal. This isn't remarkable if you're Uncle Bob. However, if you're superstar Dwayne Wade (below), those pictures get sent all over the Internet! Click the source link for pictures of Heat player Michael Beasley and Heat Assistant Coach Bob McAdoo doing their Uncle Bob impersonation as well. (Source: Broward Palm Beach New Times)

Sleepiest Moment #8:

Actor Morgan Freeman was talking with the FOX affiliate in Seattle, when the interview bogged down. The reason it bogged down is that Freeman had fallen asleep. On his Facebook page, however, Freeman denied it. He said, "I'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids and I was merely taking the opportunity to update my Facebook page." (Source: Huffington Post)

Sleepiest Moment #7:

It's a great idea for athletes to take a nap before competing ... but, what about WHILE competing? Bears quarterback Josh McCown actually pulled that off. The November 17 Bears game against the Ravens was suspended midgame due to the threat of tornadoes in the area. During the weather delay, McCown says he laid down to start "visualizing plays". That "visualizing" quickly turned into dreaming about them, after he fell asleep. This might be a strategy that other athletes should consider imitating, as the Bears ended up winning the game. (Source: NESN)

Sleepiest Moment #6:

Back in June, a sleepy German banker turned what would have been a routine transfer of funds into one the size of a Powerball jackpot. According to court documents, the banker was asked by a customer to transfer 62.40 euros from one account to another. The banker says he fell asleep while conducting the transfer, turning it into a transaction worth 222,222,222.22 euros, or $293 million. The bank quickly discovered and corrected the mistake. (Source: India Times)


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