5 Reasons Why the Right Pillow Matters So Much

What’s the most important sleep item in your toolbox?  You could make a case for a number of things, depending upon how you sleep, but one that has to keep rising to the top is the humble pillow.  If you have the wrong one for your sleep style, it can create a variety of problems.  

Below is our list of why the right pillow matters so much:

Avoid neck, back, and even shoulder pain
If your pillow is too high or low for your sleep style, it can put your neck in odd positions.  If you sleep on your back, you should have a relatively low-loft pillow.  If you’re a side sleeper, your pillow should a higher loft, to support your neck and shoulders.

Reduce snoring
This is particularly important for back sleepers.  If your pillow puts your head in the wrong position, it can lead to more snoring.  Get the right pillow, and your bed partner will thank you!

Avoid allergies
If your pillow is filled with goose down, it can lead to increased congestion.  That’s not going to help you sleep at night!  Newer high-quality synthetic down is a much better choice.  While you’re at it, make sure you buy a hypoallergenic pillow cover.

Get sick less
Believe it or not, many people are using pillows that are 10 years old or more.  You wouldn’t believe the kind of stuff that can grow in a pillow.  If you don’t know, check out this article.  Trust us … it’s gross.  In fact, it’s gross enough that what’s in your pillow could be making you sick.  A good rule of thumb is to replace your pillow every 18 months.

You’ll sleep better
This seems like a simple one, but it’s quite true.  A pillow made from the latest materials simply gives you a better night’s sleep.  And, one of the best parts about buying a high-quality pillow is that the good sleep will last longer.  Cheap pillows break down more quickly, and should be replaced more often.

If you have the right pillow for you, it can lead to a fabulous night’s sleep.  If you’re still looking for the right pillow, check out our Recommended Products page!