SleepBetter Research

SleepBetter Research

Throughout the years, SleepBetter has conducted research designed to educate on the topic of sleep. Below are summaries of some of our findings and links for more information. For additional information, visit our sleep resources page. Investigates: Fungus Among Us

SleepBetter Investigates College BeddingSleepBetter gathered 50 pillows and 9 mattress pads from college students around the U.S. and sent them to a third-party testing lab, to find out what was living inside them.  The results, to say the least, were eye-opening. Click here to read more and view a slideshow of pillow cultures.

Click the thumbnails below to view full-sized versions of the infographics we’ve released thus far, and check back later for new ones!

Big Germ on Campus InfographicBig Germ on Campus: Data gathered from our scientific research Meet the Microbes InfographicMeet the Microbes: Introducing the “cooties” inside your bedding Pillows and the People Who Love Them InfographicMeet the Students:
Meet the students whose pillows we studied
Pets on Pillows InfographicPets on Pillows:
What are pets bringing into college beds?
Life of a Pillow InfographicA Pillow’s Life:
How do you treat your favorite pillow?
College Students Not So FreshNot So Fresh:
Just how clean are college students?


SleepBetter Lovenest Makeover Survey

Valentine’s Day Lovenest Makeover ContestFor Valentine’s Day 2011, we conducted an unscientific survey as part of a contest. The questions shined a light on what people really think about “the holiday of love”. Included in the findings were that one in ten Americans just wanted sleep on the evening of Valentine’s Day.

Click here to read more Holiday Slumber Index 2010 Holiday Slumber IndexWhat do mom and dad want most this holiday season? How about a good night’s rest? For the holiday season in 2010, SleepBetter surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out how the holidays and the stress surrounding them impact sleep patterns. One of the key findings was that one in five Americans (20%) say they expect to lose sleep over the coming weeks due to holiday stress.

Click here to read more 2010 Black Friday Poll

SleepBetter 2011 Black Friday SurveyAre we willing to give up sleep in order to find deals on the day after Thanksgiving? SleepBetter aimed to find out in our poll of 1,000 Americans. For the second year in a row, we asked questions like whether survey participants would be getting up early (67% said “no way”).

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America’s Favorite Bedtime Story Poll

Bedtime Stories ProjectWhat is America’s all-time favorite bedtime story? According to a national survey of 1,000 individuals commissioned by, one in four Americans (23%) say it is “Goodnight Moon,” Margaret Wise Brown’s perennial classic first published in 1947.  The survey was part of SleepBetter’s effort to teach parents that bedtime stories are an important part of any child’s bedtime routine.

Click here to read more My Sleepy Valentine Survey

This survey conducted in 2010 found that you might want to rethink the candlelit dinner and dozen roses this Valentine’s Day.  SleepBetter asked 1,000 Americans their opinions on Valentine’s Day and sleep, and 35% who were in a relationship say that February 14 is “just another day.”  One in five choosing a good night’s sleep as the ideal present.

Click here to read more Holiday Slumber Index 2009

This national year-end survey measured the impact of the holidays on Americans’ sleep patterns. According to the survey, parents were most susceptible to sleep changes.  66% of mothers and fathers, for example, said they would get six or fewer hours of sleep the night before gift-giving.

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Most Americans don’t nap on Turkey Day, but they are sleeping in the following morning and bypassing the lure of discounts on Black Friday, according to this national survey commissioned by that shattered two time-held myths about the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

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