Pillow-Normal Activity Video from SleepBetter.org

Pillow-Normal Activity Video from SleepBetter.org

What happens while you’re sleeping? Here at SleepBetter.org, we had to find out. Check out the frightening video below to see the images we captured!

You might have noticed, there are a LOT of movie references in the video. Can you name all 10 of them (some from the same movie)? We challenge you to find them without using a search engine!

Also, be sure to check out our “making of” video!

The $5,000 Pillow-Normal Activity Bedroom Makeover from Belk Department Stores, Carpenter Co. and SleepBetter.org that is mentioned at the end of the video is now closed. The winner was Linda Guss from Yorkville, IL! Congratulations to Linda, and thanks to everyone for entering!

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