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Lack of Sleep Can Impact Male Fertility

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New research has found yet another way not getting the right amount of sleep can prove harmful.  Researchers from Boston University say getting either more or less than the optimal amount of time asleep can negatively impact male fertility. The “sweet spot” appears to be 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, said study author…
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Study: Sleep Abnormality Plays Role in Schizophrenia


There’s more evidence that sleep issues cause a variety of seemingly unrelated problems.  According to new research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a sleep abnormality likely plays an important role in schizophrenia. “One of the most exciting advances in sleep research over the last decade has been the growing understanding of sleep’s causal relationship to psychiatric…
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Sleep Deprived Preschoolers May Become Overweight Preschoolers

child little girl sleeps in the bed with a toy teddy bear

It’s well known that Americans, on average, don’t get enough sleep.  What people don’t think about is that many American children aren’t getting enough either, and it may end up making them overweight. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30-percent of preschoolers do not get enough sleep.  A new study from the University of Colorado…
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Your Brain Makes You Thirsty Before Bed

pure water is emptied into a glass of water from a jug. fresh drinking water

Remember when you were a kid and asked your parents multiple times for a glass of water before bed? They may have pushed you off and told you to go to sleep, but it turns out you’ll have the last laugh.  According to a new study, our brains stimulate thirst before going to sleep. The…
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Fight Jetlag by Adjusting Your Meal Schedule

sleepy traveler

A new study has found that jetlag in long-haul cabin crew is alleviated when meal times are regulated on their days off. Researchers from the University of Surrey in the UK looked to recruit long-haul cabin crew for this study as they frequently suffer from jet-lag due to rapid travel across time zones. Evident especially…
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Developing Brains Regions Hit Hard by Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping Child

Sleep is vital for humans. If adults remain awake for longer than usual, the brain responds with an increased need for deep sleep. This is measured in the form of “slow wave activity” using electroencephalography (EEG). In adults, these deep-sleep waves are most pronounced in the prefrontal cortex – the brain region which plans and…
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Wear Your Sunglasses at Night, and Sleep Better


Maybe Corey Hart had it right all along, even if he didn’t know it.  A sleep researcher says that if you have trouble sleeping, try wearing sunglasses for a while before bed. “We have artificial sources of light available to us 24 hours a day,” said researcher Glenn Landry, who studies sleep as a postdoctoral…
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Relationship Problems Tied to Poor Sleep


We spend up to one-third of our life asleep, but not everyone sleeps well. For couples, it turns out how well you think your partner understands and cares for you is linked to how well you sleep. “Our findings show that individuals with responsive partners experience lower anxiety and arousal, which in turn improves their…
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Good Sleep Helps with Depression Treatment


Medication is an important part of treatment for many patients with major depressive disorder, but the transition to antidepressants isn’t always smooth. It can take six weeks for a person to respond to depression medications, but researchers at the University of Michigan who specialize in both psychiatry and sleep medicine found a potential way to…
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Study Links Sleep to Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

group of underage kids youth teens students drinking alcohol

A study led by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh has identified a possible link between adolescent sleep habits and early substance abuse. The study found that both sleep duration and sleep quality during late childhood predict alcohol and marijuana use later in adolescence. “Treating problems with drugs and alcohol once they exist and preventing them…
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