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Bizarre Sleep Habits of U.S. Presidents

Just because you are President of the United States doesn’t mean your sleeping patterns are completely normal. In honor of Presidents Day, we present to you this infographic with just some of the unusual sleep habits of our leaders. Thanks to for allowing us to use their research and a portion of their infographic on…
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What City is the Most Sleepless in the World?

Do Americans sleep less than residents of other countries? How do our cities rank compared to those around the world? Thanks to a device that tracks sleep, activity and food, we now have an idea of the answers to those questions. The Wall Street Journal recently analyzed data released by Jawbone, the company that makes…
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Top 10 Sleepiest Moments of 2013

SleepBetter Sleepy Parents Index

Who is Sleepier? Every second Sunday in May, children of all ages come together to celebrate the mothers and the women who have raised them. About one month later, we honor the men who have played such a large part in our lives. SleepBetter decided to take a look at moms and dads, and calculate…
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The Media is Looking for the Lost Hour

Apparently the media shares our concern about the hour lost when we “spring forward” to Daylight Saving Time.  After we released our data on the cost of the Lost Hour, called the Lost-Hour Economic Index, hundreds of stories were published in print, broadcast and online that mentioned our findings.  Here’s just a sample of some…
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Daylight Saving Time and The Lost Hour

Daylight Saving Time and The Lost Hour Daylight Saving Time begins in the U.S and many other countries in the spring, when we set our clocks forward one hour. In 2013, SleepBetter is focusing on that “Lost Hour”. We’ve got answers for how much it costs, where it costs the most, and how we can…
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SleepBetter Lost-Hour Economic Index Heat Map

SleepBetter’s Lost-Hour Economic Index shows us once and for all just how much it costs when we “spring forward” to Daylight Saving Time. Between health expenses and lost production, it’s worth $433,982,548.00 nationally. The heat map below visualizes which metropolitan areas are impacted the most. Click here to see a full sortable list of the 360…
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SleepBetter Lost-Hour Economic Index

On March 10, the United States and a number of other nations will move their clocks forward one hour, as Daylight Saving Time begins. The spring time change can lead to (at minimum) fatigue and sluggishness due to losing an hour of sleep. But, how much money does it cost us? investigated, and created the…
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New research from Carpenter Co. and is finding that relationships might take a toll on sleep. The Sleepless Couples Index found that, on average, American couples get about a half a day less sleep per month than singles and those who had been previously married.   Check out our findings below: SleepBetter Sleepless…
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As part of the Great American Pillow Toss sleep education campaign, Carpenter Co. and analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDCP) annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (BRFSS) to rank the nation’s most sleep-deprived cities. The results were pulled from the data of 188,795 respondents and shows that a…
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