Five Sleep Better Tips for Holiday Air Travel

Millions of Americans soon will take flight and travel to visit relatives for Thanksgiving or other year-end holidays.  Anyone who’s ever been on a plane knows that it’s cramped, crowded, and uncomfortable even if you’re not trying to sleep.  If you’re trying to catch a few zzz’s, it can be downright miserable.  If you’re one of the many for whom the holidays will start in the airport, try these five tips that are designed to make your trip a bit more restful:

1. Invest in a travel pillow. They’re less bulky than your regular pillow and specially designed for use in cramped quarters. Your neck and back will thank you.

2. Opt for loose-fitting clothing. You don’t need to wear your pajamas, but choosing comfortable jeans or even sweatpants will help you relax. And remember, you can always change once the plane lands.

3. See if you can upgrade. Airlines occasionally will bump people up from coach into the more spacious first or business classes where you can stretch out a bit more. It couldn’t hurt to ask!

4. Make sure music is loaded onto your phone, iPod or other device. Soothing music is a big help in falling asleep. Think about making a playlist on your music player specifically for your in-flight naps.  Or, if you can’t fall asleep to music, you can download white noise to play instead.

5. Bring noise cancelling earbuds.  These are for listening to your music, but also for blocking out noisy neighbors.  We prefer the earbuds because they serve two purposes, but regular ear plugs obviously will work as well.

Happy traveling… and sweet dreams!