8 Steps to Becoming an Early Bird

There’s a great article on the Yahoo site, Shine, about how all of you night owls can become early birds.  In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be necessary for people who are naturally more alert at night to switch themselves onto an “early to bed early to rise” schedule, but we don’t live in that kind of world.  Many of us have responsibilities, such as school, work, and children, that force us to be up early in the morning.  If you’re one of these night owls, the article gave tips that it calls From night owl to early bird in 8 painless steps:

  1. Make a nighttime routine.
  2. Turn off the TV and the computer.
  3. Lay off the caffeine.
  4. Have a light supper.
  5. Open the curtains.
  6. Know your motivation.
  7. Make morning appointments.
  8. Give yourself an incentive.

The article gives plenty of explanation of these steps, but the fact remains that if you are inclined toward late nights, and the real world is getting in the way of that natural inclination, you have to make a lifestyle change because the world isn’t likely to change for you.  Your only other choice is to be sleep deprived, and study after study has shown how dangerous that can be.

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