A Great Idea: Bedtime Math

An organization with a fantastic idea for your child’s bedtime routine was profiled recently in the newspaper USA Today.  Longtime SleepBetter visitors will recall that in 2010, we launched an effort to revive the bedtime story as a way to help children settle in for a good night’s sleep.  The group Bedtime Math wants to add another step to kids’ bedtime routines.

The organization is the brainchild of Laura Bilodeau Overdeck. As a mom, she and her husband John started giving math problems to their two older kids; when their 2-year-old started hollering for his own math problem, they knew they were onto something, and Bedtime Math was born.

Bedtime Math recommends having your children do a fun math problem before bed each night.  If you’re not the type that is able to make up fun math problems, the site has a daily newsletter that will send them to you.  The newsletter provides different levels of problems for different age groups.  One example: If you have your own racecar, and you drive it through 4 rooms of your house on the first straightaway, then 2 other rooms for the corner, how many rooms do you drive through?

Experts quoted in the USA Today article suggested this technique could be a great way to improve lagging math proficiency in the U.S.