Americans Among the Leaders in Sleep Deprivation

Americans are global leaders in at least one category: sleep deprivation. A new study by the Amsterdam-based Philips Center for Health and Well-Being measured not only who is sleepless, but looked at the cause of the sleeplessness. In the U.S., the study indicates the cause is stress.

The majority of Americans (49%), Indians (54%) and Singaporeans (43%) reported not getting enough z’s because they were too worried or stressed out to sleep. In contrast, the majority of Brazilians (41%), Taiwanese (63%) and Germans (55%) were sleep deprived because they tended to go to sleep late and wake up early. Meanwhile, 45% of Brits and Belgians reported being unable to sleep because of an actual disorder or bout of insomnia.

Of  the cities around the world, New York leads the pack for sleep deprivation, followed by Tokyo, Jakarta, Beijing and Delhi.