Ask Happy Dan: Pillow Filling, Night Sweats, and More on Bamboo


When you have questions about pillows and other bedding, Happy Dan the Pillow Man is your guy!  He’s happy because he always gets a good night’s sleep.  Happy Dan is the alter ego of Dan Schecter, Senior Vice President at Carpenter Co., and the creator of  He’s spent 30 years learning about pillows and sleep and how those two items go together, and he’s now available to answer your questions!

In this edition of Ask Happy Dan, Dan answers questions about pillow filling, night sweats, and talks more about bamboo.

Laura Sloan: What is the best filling for a pillow?

If you are not interested in foam, then the best fill is a polyester but it has to be VERY slick polyester. Don’t get fooled on what is on the outside – its what’s inside that counts! You can have a 400 thread count fabric and really poor quality fill on the inside. Take your time and shop wisely. So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

Richard Davis: How do I keep my pillow from becoming so wet from night sweats?

If you are sweating at night and assuming (always dangerous) there is nothing by way of a physical issue that could be causing it, then I suggest you lose the comforter or blanket, and turn the temperature down a bit before going to bed. There are also remarkable technologies out there that can help, including new fabrics that manage moisture, IsoCool products that feature phase change material by Outlast, and many others. Great question here and thanks! So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

Brenda Lang: What is a bamboo pillow?

SUPER question. First, there is no such thing as a Bamboo pillow, sheets and other — especially in knitted fabrics. Bamboo is used to make rayon. Check the legal tag on the products that tout bamboo. If it doesn’t say 100% bamboo, then move on! Don’t be fooled by slick mass marketing. We are getting tired of this kind of thing. The only losers here are you and me! So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

Carley: I am a side sleeper and the pillow most often recommended is a firm, high pillow; however, they are too high and firm. I am a small person and wonder if that would make a difference, and, if so, what pillow would be recommended for a side sleeper with a chronic stiff neck.

There is no pillow that will alleviate a chronic medical condition. We suggest you ask your primary caregiver for a recommendation. This could be something serious and requires expertise from a highly trained physician. Good luck to you and thank you for your question. So say Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

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