Ask Happy Dan: Pillow for a Bad Neck


When you have questions about pillows and other bedding, Happy Dan the Pillow Man is your guy!  He’s happy because he always gets a good night’s sleep.  Happy Dan is the alter ego of Dan Schecter, Senior Vice President at Carpenter Co., and the creator of  He’s spent 30 years learning about pillows and sleep and how those two items go together, and he’s now available to answer your questions!

In this edition of Ask Happy Dan, Dan answers a question about a pillow for an individual with a bad neck.

Peter: What pillow would be best for someone who has neck and disc issues and also sleeps on their back and side?

Thank you for your questions. From what you describe I strongly suggest you get with your doctor, as your discomfort is more than just a pillow. What I am willing to tell you is that you need an adjustable pillow that will allow you to rest in whatever position is comfortable for you. Since it appears that you sleep on your back, you should find something that does not have a high crown. Beyond Down is completely adjustable and a pillow you should consider. Again, I am not a doctor, and strongly suggest you have this conversation with one. So says Happy Dan the Pillow Man!

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