Ask Happy Dan: Sleep Temperature, Comforter Sizes, and Sinuses


When you have questions about pillows and other bedding, Happy Dan the Pillow Man is your guy!  He’s happy because he always gets a good night’s sleep.  Happy Dan is the alter ego of Dan Schecter, Senior Vice President at Carpenter Co., and the creator of  He’s spent 30 years learning about pillows and sleep and how those two items go together, and he’s now available to answer your questions!

In this edition of Ask Happy Dan, Dan answers questions about bed temperature arguments, comforter sizes, and sinus allergies.

Donna: What is the best bedding to sleep on when I am always to warm, and hubby is always cold?

Grrrreat Question! There are many technological breakthroughs in fabrics and treatments. As I always say — buyer beware. There is a lot of baloney out there when it comes to this kind of thing! So, it sounds to me like you need something that regulates the temperature. When you get into bed, you and your significant other create a micro-climate between the sheets. Your body is throwing off heat and moisture and it is being absorbed and held by your sheets, comforter, jammies and your mattresses. So, you are laying in a sauna! When you get hot you probably extend your leg outside of the covers to help regulate your body. When HE gets hot he probably throws all of the covers off. What you need to know is that when you are too hot or too cold and you adjust your body, you cause something known as an “unnatural awakening” and that destroys your sleep cycle. You really want to avoid that! I suggest you Google our Outlast products and learn about Phase Change Material – it is far superior than anything else out there. You can find pillows and mattress pads in stores under the brand name IsoCool. This should take care of yours and his problem! So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

Paul Koivisto: What the proper comforter size for a Queen bed? Queen or King?

I am asked this all of the time. A queen mattress is 60 x 80. You can buy a comforter that size or you can look for a comforter that has a “drop”. The drop extends over the sides of the mattress and gives a really rich look. You can buy comforters that have a 4 inch drop or a 6 inch drop. Comforters that have a drop often fit the comforter covers better. So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

Susan Poston: What’s the best pillow for sinus allergies?

Great Question! Look for pillows that have an allergen barrier fabric. So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man!!

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