Ask Happy Dan: Sore Necks and Pillows


When you have questions about pillows and other bedding, Happy Dan the Pillow Man is your guy!  He’s happy because he always gets a good night’s sleep.  Happy Dan is the alter ego of Dan Schecter, Senior Vice President at Carpenter Co., and the creator of  He’s spent 30 years learning about pillows and sleep and how those two items go together, and he’s now available to answer your questions!

In this edition of Ask Happy Dan, Dan answers a number of questions about sore necks and the right pillows for good, healthy sleep.

David O’Nan: How can I make both my neck and head comfortable when sleeping?

Happy Dan: The secret is to get a pillow that is 100% adjustable.  If you support your neck, your head will be comfortable too! So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man.

Sam Pilot: Is bedding that feels best necessarily the best bedding for you (e.g. you think you are comfortable on a pillow but may not be aligned correctly)?

Happy Dan: You are one smart guy!  I agree, which is why I always say a pillow that is 100% adjustable is the only way to go.  Of course there are pillows that self-adjust but be careful — you get what you pay for in the world of pillows. So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man.

Linda Lansford: What kind of pillow should you use for a bad neck?

Happy Dan: I would ask my doctor that question.  Let me know what he says. So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man.

Christine Fidance: Are water pillows good?

Happy Dan: I suppose but there are many new pillows with different technologies available today. You should get one of them and use the water in your pillow for your garden. So says Happy Dan The Pillow Man.

Check back soon for another edition of Ask Happy Dan.  If you have a question for Dan, ask it on our Great American Bad Pillow Project page, and be sure to enter our contest for a chance to win one of three bedding makeovers, each valued at approximately $700!