Ask SleepBetter: Do Cold Rooms Cause Nightmares?

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Today’s question is from a good friend, about cold rooms and nightmares:

“I sleep better in a cooler/cold room. Is it true that sleeping in a cold room can increase nightmares?

-Donna (via Facebook)

Donna is one of our most loyal Facebook friends.  We appreciate her friendship and her question!

In doing some research, we found a lot of people asking about cold rooms and nightmares.  What we didn’t find is any evidence that the two go together in any way.  At best, it’s an old wives’ tale.

The optimal temperature for sleeping is 60 to 68 degrees.  That’s a wide range, of course, and you’re better off on the lower end if you can take it.  The best thing to do is set your thermostat low at night, and pile on layers of blankets.  If you get too warm, peel off a layer. Don’t overdo it in your attempts to lower the thermostat, however.  Research has shown that a room temperature below 58 can disrupt sleep, as your body has to work too hard to equalize itself.

In hotter summer months, it may be tough to keep your room temperature lower. If so, try one of the new type of bedding products that stay cool all night long, which will help keep your body cool. For more information, go to ourRecommended Sleep Products page and select the Iso•Cool product line.