Ask SleepBetter: Staying Cool While Sleeping

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Today’s question is about staying cool and comfortable:

“I live in Phoenix. During the summer how can I keep my bed cool “feeling”? It seems when its between the hours of 2-3a.m. I throw the covers off, no matter what season.”

-Tawny Laclair (via Facebook)

We posed this question to SleepBetter Bedding Expert Dan Schecter.  He said:

Great question.  Creating the proper climate for sleep is important so that you rest uninterrupted throughout the night.  New fabric technology offers a couple of fixes for your problem.  When you get into bed, your body creates a microclimate.  It gets warm and very humid under the sheets.  You can help keep that cool feeling by finding bedding that has moisture management qualities.  Today’s advanced technology offers something called “Phase Change Material”.  The material takes your body heat and returns it as cool against mean skin temperature.  Conversely, if you are too cold you will feel warm.  In time, the material equalizes so you don’t feel too cold or too warm.  One notable product to look for is IsoCool™.  You can learn more about IsoCool™ products by visiting our Recommended Products page.


About SleepBetter Bedding Expert Dan Schecter:
Dan is Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at Carpenter Co., and is also the creator of Dan’s mission in life to to help people get the rest they so desperately need. With decades of experience in consumer products and more than 10 years with Carpenter Co., Dan is passionate about spreading the word about healthy sleep and sleep products.