Ask SleepBetter: When To Swap My Mattress?

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Today’s question is about bed longevity:

“It used to be said to change out your mattress at 10 years now I’m hearing 8. What or how can we really know when it’s time to purchase a new set ?”
-Jennifer (via Facebook)

The most important question is whether your bed is still comfortable.  If it’s saggy, lumpy, or too firm, then it should be replaced.  If replacement is too much for your bank account right now, however, there are other options.  A high quality mattress topper can “smooth” out a lot of the problems faced by owners of older beds.  Mattress toppers do what it should like they should — sit on top of your mattress.  They can firm up soft mattresses and hide lumps.

To learn more about toppers, check out this SleepBetter article: “What is a mattress topper? and then head on over to our Recommended Products page to learn about SleepBetter toppers and mattress pads.