Best Bedrooms For Sleep

A new National Sleep Foundation poll shows that Americans are becoming more aware of the importance of sleep and are making their bedrooms more accommodating for the best sleep conditions. We here at SleepBetter say “Hooray!”

The poll asked Americans about key elements of their home bedrooms. The findings reveal that people value having a comfortable mattress and pillows as the most important parts of the bedroom for getting good sleep (93%), followed by 86% of people reporting that their biggest creature comfort is quality sheets, followed then by a quiet room (74%) and room darkness (73%). Although most Americans value these elements for quality sleep, most are still reporting that they aren’t getting the kind of the sleep they wish to be getting. Other results show that 4 in 10 respondents report being kept awake by tossing and turning throughout the night, as well as one-fourth of respondents saying that they are awakened by their partner’s tossing and turning.

Source: PR Newswire