Better Sleep = Better Marriage

We’re a scant three weeks away from Valentine’s Day.  What are you getting your beloved? What about a good night’s sleep? In doing so, you may actually be giving yourself a present as well.

Researchers at the University California in Berkeley studied 60 couples aged 18 to 56, with each participant keeping a diary of how many hours they slept each night and how much they appreciated their other half. The couples were also asked to work together in problem-solving tasks. Those who slept well worked better together in the tasks and encouraged each other.

They also recorded in their diaries that they appreciated their partner more and regularly showed gratitude to them.

So, while candy, flowers and a nice dinner out without the kids are all great ideas, you should also plan to find a way to let your spouse sleep a little better.

These findings, by the way, line up pretty well with what SleepBetter research has found that people actually want for Valentine’s Day.  One in 10 in our unscientific study in 2011 found that they just wanted to sleep that evening.

Source: Daily Mail