Better Sleep For the Elderly Due to Routine

A new study provides more proof that setting a sleep routine has benefits for everyone … not just children.  The study from the University of Haifa in Israel, was published in the journal Sleep.  It looked at whether setting a daily routine would help seniors with insomnia.  It found that there are definitely benefits, as the study participants were able to fall asleep more easily.  Another way to look at it, however, comes from the Los Angeles Times Health Blog:

When a colleague of mine heard about this finding, she suggested that the boredom of doing the same thing at the same time every day must account for the easy bedtime.

Researchers said, however, that it’s likely that people simply benefit from synchronization between their daytime and nighttime activities.  More research is needed to understand whether good quality sleep leads to stable lifestyle routines or stable lifestyle routines lead to restful nights.