Better Sleep = Higher Grades

This is the last day of exams for many college students around the U.S., and a new study is out that reinforces the idea that cramming during all night study sessions is a bad idea. A new study conducted by British and American professors finds that sleep may be just as important as studying when it comes to learning new things. By entering a deep sleep, your brain is better able to establish connections between new facts and previous knowledge.

Researchers recruited 60 subjects with normal sleep patterns and broke them into two equal groups.  In the morning, the first group learned a batch of 30 fake words, each sounding similar to real words.  They then returned later in the evening to take a test on how well they learned the words. Meanwhile, the second group studied the same phony words at nighttime. This group did not complete their vocabulary test until the following morning after a full night’s sleep.

Once the tests were scored, researchers found that the subjects who slept after learning the new words performed much better than those who were awake throughout the day.

Source: FYI Living