Black Friday Exhaustion can be Dangerous

As each year passes, the Black Friday deals seem to be coming out earlier and earlier, with this year’s being the craziest to date. Stores like Kohl’s and Target, for example, opened their doors to bargain shoppers as early as midnight! As opposed to years past when avid shoppers would camp out in tents to be the first customers into the stores in the morning, this new trend of Black Friday leaves busy buyers up a large part of the night.

Writing on CNN’s health blog, SleepBetter contributor Lisa Shives says this exhaustion from Black Friday could be why there are so many accidents and acts of outrage on this consumer holiday. Interrupting your body’s circadian rhythm in such a dramatic way always brings consequences.

Not surprisingly, the first and foremost thing to be affected is your mood. Following that will be a decrease of metabolism and then a decline in cognitive function. In the end, the best advice if you were up late or up very early hunting for deals, be sure to hit the hay early tonight in an attempt to try to catch up, and be careful if you’re driving this evening,