Businesses Want You To Pay for Naptime

It’s well known that most of us don’t get nearly enough sleep, and brief naps during the day are a good way to try to make up some of the lost time with Mr. Sandman.  However, if you’re traveling or at work outside the home, where on Earth will you be able to get some shuteye?  Some new businesses around the world are cropping up to meet this need.

New companies in Hong Kong, Brussels, New York and elsewhere have been created that give you a place to rent in order to take a nap.  Some of the businesses are solely for napping, while others simply offer the space as one of many options on a menu.  Additionally, some hotels are now offering day use rates, an option that used to be only available at seedy motels.  Some of these napping locations even offer premium options such as satin pillows, soothing scents, sleep clothing, and a toothbrush to use after you wake.

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that 87% of respondents had problems sleeping.  Adding naptime, and a place to nap, may be the answer to a sleep deprived world.

Source: Forbes