Children with Regular Bedtimes Perform Better Academically

Researchers will present today (Monday, June 7, 2010) on new research that addresses the value of a regular bedtime for children.  The research from SRI International indicates that children with a regular bedtime perform better in school on language, math, reading assessments.

The study, which looked at the sleeping habits of 8,000 four-year-olds, is due to be presented at a sleep conference hosted by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.  The findings of the research conclude that a regular sleep schedule is the most important factor in childhood development.

“Getting parents to set bedtime routines can be an important way to make a significant impact on children’s emergent literacy and language skills,” said Dr Erika Gaylor, an early childhood policy researcher who led the study.

You can read more on this story from the British newspaper Telegraph.

SleepBetter has been talking a lot about children and bedtime lately.  Setting a consistent bedtime is one thing — getting children to settle down and go to sleep is another entirely.  A bedtime story is a great important part of that “settle down time”.  Learn more on The Bedtime Stories Project website.