Chill Out in Autumn for Better Rest

For some people, a warm glass of milk or cup of chamomile tea is a soothing pre-bedtime ritual.  But what the human body really wants to do with the onset of sleep is to cool down.  That’s why cooler autumn temperatures are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting the best rest.

“A cool environment in your bedroom is one of the most important factors contributing to good rest,” said Dan Schecter, senior vice president of Consumer Products at Carpenter Co. and creator of “Individuals vary, of course, but the consensus is that the best sleeping environment is between 60 and 68 degrees.”

Research shows that temperatures above 75 degrees or below 54 degrees can disrupt sleep. It’s not surprising that the arrival of cooler weather causes many people to want to hunker down on chilly mornings.

Here are some SleepBetter tips to make the most of your autumn sleep:

  • Make sure your bedding is appropriate to the season; think about whether your sheets, blankets and pillows give you the right support and warmth
  • You don’t have to pile on heavy blankets; modern fibers and comforters can keep you warm without a lot of weight
  • When appropriate, open the windows and turn down the thermostat (you’ll save money, too)
  • If you’re waking up in the morning with aches and stiffness, maybe your mattress is not providing you with the correct lumbar support
  • If fall and winter sleeping leaves you with a sore throat and dry nose, consider whether a humidifier might help

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