Don’t Sacrifice Sleep for Exam Prep

A couple of different stories are out in the collegiate press this week, encouraging college students to ensure they get plenty of sleep as they head into exam time before holiday break.  Those who have been and done college already remember pulling “all nighters”.  At the time we thought it was a good idea, but a better strategy would have been to not wait until the last minute to try to learn everything from the semester.

From the Los Angeles Loyolan:

A student’s memory is not the only thing that suffers without an adequate night of rest. Students experience a weakened immune system when they skimp on sleep, exposing themselves to health risks.

“Lack of sleep may affect the immune system and lead to lower resistance. The health center often sees students who attribute their illness to ‘not getting enough rest,’” said Katie Arce, director of the Student Health Center.

Some students admitted to feeling under the weather from a change in their sleep schedules.

“I tend to get sick when I don’t sleep a lot during finals. I get colds,” said sophomore English and theatre major Leondria Brown.

The Sidelines, from Middle Tennessee State University, echoes that sentiment:

Sufficient sleep is considered to be eight hours, minimum.  Some people can make it on less, but do not try to push yourself.  When you reach your limit, put down the book and get some sleep.  Finals week is not the time for all-nighters.  Use this last act of desperation during the semester; it will only hurt you during finals week.  Not getting enough sleep will hinder you from making the best score on your final. Getting enough sleep will also help you keep organized, but you cannot get enough sleep if you are not organized to begin with.  Insufficient rest will also lead to stress (notice how these points piggy-back one another).