Don’t Let Sports Viewing Exhaustion Happen to You

It is no mystery that American’s love their late night TV, with many staying awake long hours just to catch up on their favorite drama or sports game. But, staying awake when you should be sleeping can obviously impact your health. An extreme case of this was seen recently in China, where a man stayed awake for 11 nights straight in order to watch all of the Euro 2012 soccer games. Since there is a major time difference, all of the games show in the middle of the night in China. Unfortunately, after his 11th night awake Jiang Xiaoshan died of exhaustion. This is not the first time something like this has happened, either.  In 2006 and 2010 several people were reported being admitted into hospitals because of exhaustion from watching the World Cup. Although these people may be dedicated fans, sleep should trump match finals on the list of priorities.

With the Olympics coming up in less than a month, the urge to stay up long hours to watch favorite events will be great for some.  If you feel that urge, do yourself a favor and read this article on World Cup-induced sleep tips, which apply nicely to many multi-day sporting events: Beware World Cup-Induced Sleep Deprivation.