Don’t Let The Winter Games Turn You Into a Zombie

Every couple of years, the Olympic Games come along, and people lose a ton of sleep.  Between television and the Internet, each time the games are held, it seems like more of the events are available for viewing either live or on time delay.  What this means is that you could literally watch the Olympics around the clock if you chose.  This creates a problem, however, for the big Olympic sports fan.  You have to sleep sometime!

Check out the tips below to make sure you’re not walking around like a zombie for the next couple of weeks due to Olympics-induced sleep deprivation:

Make use of technology: DVRs were created for a reason.  They allow you to easily record events that happen when you have something else (like sleep) that you need to do.  In fact, if you’ve recorded an event you can fast forward through slower parts if you desire, and see the end more quickly.  Many streaming services are also allowing you to view events that have already happened on an “on demand” basis.  Make use of all of your tools!

Adjust your schedule if necessary: It’s not the best solution, but if you must watch an event that starts when your schedule says you should be sleeping, try to go to bed at a different time if you can or take naps during the day.  You won’t be at your best by using this method, but sleep at unusual times is better than no sleep at all.

Resist the urge to pound coffee or energy drinks: Mass amounts of caffeine can only temporarily make up for a lack of shut-eye.  It can also keep you from sleeping when you aren’t watching the Winter Games.

Take a few days off … from work: This is only for the most severe cases of Olympics Fever, but if you must watch event after event, it will be impossible to accomplish while still working a full day.  Something will have to give, and it shouldn’t be sleep.  Consider taking a few days off from work if you must, so you can nap in between games.

After the Winter Games are over, be sure to get caught up on your sleep, because it’s just a few months before the 2018 World Cup begins!