Exercise Under The Stars and Sleep Soundly

Between work, social life, and family affairs it can be very difficult to find time to fit in daily exercise. We have talked before about the link between exercise and sleep and that regular exercise can help you get a better nights sleep. The common belief has been for years that you shouldn’t exercise close to bedtime, but a new study is disputing that belief.

Participants in the Finnish study rode stationary bikes three hours before the time that they would normally go to bed. Although the participants heart rates were more elevated than normal, it was found that they fell asleep faster and slept more deeply even after they had exercised so late in the evening. A similar study that was conducted in Belgium echoed these same results. In the end this is good news for those of you who just can’t spare an extra hour during your busy day, fitting in your exercise at night time can have the same benefits and leave you ready for bed afterwards.

Source: fitsugar.com