Facebook Not the Cause of College Sleepless Nights

College students don’t get enough sleep, but Facebook apparently isn’t the reason.  According to a study by the University of New Hampshire, students who spend more than an hour on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and the like, are just as likely to get a poor night’s sleep as those who don’t.  The story was published this week in Computerworld:

“The study indicates that using social media is hardly what keeps students up at night,” said UNH adjunct professor Chuck Martin, whose class conducted the study. “Using Facebook, and to a lesser degree YouTube, blogs or Twitter, do not appear to have any impact on how much or how little students sleep.”

This UNH study comes several months after a similar study conducted at Ohio State University concluded that college students who use Facebook spend less time studying and have lower grades than students who don’t use the popular social networking site.

Sadly, just because Facebook isn’t the source, college students don’t get near enough sleep.  Perhaps the reason is all that studying?

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