Figuring Out Your Sleep Schedule Based on Twitter?

In a discovery somewhat related to our news item yesterday about the sleep habits (or lack thereof) of Facebook and Twitter Addicts, we found a very interesting calculator today that claims it can figure out when you sleep, based solely on your Twitter account. 

Presumably, uses a combination of your Twitter usage and your time zone, figuring if you’re in a certain time zone and not on Twitter (horrors!) then you must be sleeping.  In our tests we found it to be remarkably accurate, however.  As you know, SleepBetter is on Twitter.  Here’s what it had to say about us, or at least the person primarily in charge of the account…

Obviously we’re not getting the recommended nine hours of sleep.  Nobody’s perfect!

@sleep_better is more likely to sleep between 11pm and 7am (or 8 hours).

Generating Sleep Chart..