Five Ways to Fight Allergens and Sleep Better

We don’t normally give advice on about medical issues, but this time of year there is a green menace on the prowl that steals your sleep.  That menace is called seasonal allergies.

Pollen-producing plants are kicking into high gear around the U.S. right now, meaning allergy season is officially underway.   But, what do allergies have to do with sleep?  The answer is “a lot.”  Simply put, if you can’t breathe properly you won’t be comfortable.  And, if you’re not comfortable you won’t be able to get to sleep or stay asleep.  So, without further ado, here are five ways to fight allergens and sleep better:

  1. Close the windows and turn on the air conditioning.  It’s fantastic that we have this technological option to keep the pollen outside but still be comfortable.  It wasn’t that many years ago that closing the windows on a warm day would seem like torture.  Make sure you check your heat pump filters, however, because if they’re clogged with pollen (like you are) they won’t be very efficient.
  2. Wash your bedding.  Pollen can get into your bedding through an open window or even off of your clothes or a pet.  If you have allergies, you’ll be more comfortable at night if you’re not inhaling pollen from your pillow.
  3. Vacuum your bedroom.  This works the same way as washing your bedding.  Pollen gets into your house through open windows and doors, and then settles on the floor.  For a lot of people, it just needs to be in the room to negatively affect their sleep.
  4. Wash yourself.  Taking a shower or bath before bed will help wash the pollen out of your hair, which will keep it from being inhaled while you’re trying to sleep.
  5. Wash your sinuses. Using a nasal spray or a nasal washing system like a neti pot can help clear away pollen and excess mucous, allowing you to breath (and thus sleep) better.

Do you have a great way to help keep allergies from stealing your sleep?  Post it in comments or on our Facebook page!