For Better Sleep, Stay Off of The Chemical Roller Coaster

Convenience store shelves have long featured a variety of products to give consumers a jolt of personal energy.  Lately, they’re being joined by a new class of products like herbal sodas and melatonin-laced brownies that are designed to help stressed-out people relax at the end of the day.  SleepBetter recommends against the use of these products.

“They may sound like a good idea, but all of that chemical stimulation and tranquilizing can interfere with healthy sleeping patterns,” said Dan Schecter, vice president of Consumer Products at Carpenter Co. and creator of  “All those uppers and downers are no substitute for regular natural rest.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” continued Schecter.  “There’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning or some soothing chamomile tea in the evening.  But in our go-go culture, people are tempted to rely too much on these ‘energy products,’ especially when some of the products are being promoted in multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.” offers these natural, non-pharmaceutical strategies to promote beneficial and healthy sleep:

  • Set regular times for going to sleep and waking-up, even on weekends
  • Create a dark, cool and quiet environment in the bedroom
  • Make sure bedding is clean, fresh and appropriate for the season and that pillows and mattress provide support
  • As bedtime approaches, avoid stimulating activities like video games and using the computer
  • A little light reading at bedtime is fine, but don’t put your brain into overdrive with a suspenseful thriller

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