Great American Pillow Toss Details

SleepBetter is dedicated to ensuring America and the rest of the world has the information it needs to improve its sleep habits, and we know that one of the easiest things to fix is your sleep equipment, such as pillows and mattress pads.  That’s why this year we’re launching the Great American Pillow Toss – an effort to encourage people to get rid of pillows and mattress pads that are old and worn out.

As we learned in our 2011 scientific study of college student bedding, old pillows and mattress pads can get full of fungus, mold, and all varieties of nasty things.  Additionally, old bedding loses its shape and no longer provides the support needed to get a great night’s sleep.

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The Great American Pillow Toss has two parts.  The first was an event in Detroit on Tuesday, July 17, featuring actress Krysten Ritter  of ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23”.  Attendees at the public event at Campus Martius in downtown Detroit were encouraged to bring their old pillows, with the first 200 to arrive with pillows in hand receiving new pillows from SleepBetter and Carpenter Co.  Ms. Ritter encouraged those in attendance to toss their old pillows using our 20-foot Punkin Chunkin catapult!   Throughout the event, old pillows were catapulted across Campus Martius Park or compacted in a garbage truck manned by bio-suited “technicians.”

Check out the video below of the catapult builders testing their device for the first time:


The second part of the Great American Pillow Toss is for those who weren’t able to attend the Detroit event.  Starting on the morning of July 17, visitors to and SleepBetter’s Facebook Pagewill be encouraged to sign a pledge to throw out their old pillows and mattress pads. To further encourage them, everyone who signs the pledge will be entered in a contest with weekly prizes and a grand prize of $2,000! Those who sign the pledge are also encouraged to take pictures and shoot videos of themselves tossing their old pillows, to show their dedication to the effort.

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