Heat & Lack of Sleep Make July the Grumpiest Month for Britons

Difficulty sleeping in the heat is one of the key reasons that Briton is the grumpiest month for Britons.  According to a new study by motel chain Travelodge, 88% of respondents revealed they lost sleep every night, with two hours being the average amount lost. Some 70% of parents said they were awakened at least three times a night by children struggling in the heat.

Perhaps it’s the heat, or perhaps it’s the sleep deprivation, but the studyalso found one in two (49%) drivers travelling in the heat would shout at another motorist out of frustration. One in four said they would use bad language, 40% would employ rude gestures and one in five would tailgate another driver.

More than a quarter (27%) of commuters said they would shout at a partner or child while travelling in hot conditions.

Sounds like not enough Britons read our recent article on how to sleep better in the summer.

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