Hispanics, African-Americans More Likely to Lose Sleep Due to Worrying

A new study out today indicates a difference between various ethnic groups when it comes to sleeping.  The National Sleep Foundation conducted its survey of around 1,000 individuals to find out the amount of sleep Americans are getting, their sleeping habits and who is consulting doctors.  It was part of their effort to promote National Sleep Awareness Week.

Overall, at least one-third of Hispanics (38%) and Blacks/African-Americans (33%) report that financial, employment, personal relationship and/or health-related concernsdisturb their sleep at least a few nights a week, followed by about one-fourth of Whites (28%) and Asians (25%).

The poll also shows that all groups report disturbingly similar experiences missing work or family functions because they were too sleepy (19-24%). Among married people or couples living together, all ethnic groups report being too tired for sex frequently (21- 26% of the time).

African-Americans are the most likely to report having a bedtime routine.  75% say they perform the same activities in the hour before going to bed every night, specifically watching TV (75%) and/or praying or doing another religious practice (71%).  Whether on weekdays/workdays or non-workdays/weekends, Blacks/African-Americans spend much more time in bed without sleeping than the other ethnic groups (54 minutes on weekdays/workdays and 71 minutes on non-workdays/weekends).

To read the rest of the findings, check out this news release from the NSF.