Hotel Dedicates Itself to Sleep

We all have nights when we can’t sleep very well.  But, what if you simply can’t relax enough to sleep well night after night?  After checking to make sure you have the best bedding you can buy, maybe you need to consider checking into the Corinthia Hotel.

The hotel, located in the middle of London, has developed a delicious sleep package that is designed to do everything possible, short of a doctor’s prescription, to help you get a good night’s rest while you’re there.  The rooms are large, and feature top quality bedding, sound proof walls and blackout curtains.  Here’s a listing of what else you can expect when purchasing what they call the “Sumptuous Sleep Retreat”:

  • Accommodation in one of the luxurious bedrooms or suites
  • A light lunch from the Sleep Menu in the Spa Lounge
  • A 120-minute Sleep Ritual at the in-house spa
  • Dinner from the Sleep Menu in The Northall restaurant at the hotel
  • Time to unwind in one of the hotels famous Sleep Pods at the in-house spa
  • A turn-down treat of valerian tea or warm milk and pumpkin seed cookies
  • A light breakfast from the Sleep Menu served in the guest’s room
  • A choice of a personalized Osteopathy consultation, personalized Acupuncture session or Ancient Indian Shirodhara treatment at the in-house spa

You can also book a consultation with one of two sleep specialists who will visit you at the hotel.

Matthew Dixon, Corinthia London General Manager, said: “We are in the business of selling sleep and this project highlights all the reasons to choose Corinthia Hotel London to wind down, relax, and get a quality night’s rest. After all if we sleep well, we perform well the following day, and many guests are here on demanding business trips or for a weekend of leisure where they want to feel on top form.”

There’s always a catch, though … isn’t there?  The cost for this package is £758, or about $1,300.00 for single occupancy.  If you want to bring along a special someone, making it a double occupancy package, it will cost you nearly $2,060.00.  Consultation with a sleep expert is not included in that price.

Sources: Corinthian Hotel and Daily Mail