How to Find Your New Favorite Pillow

Even the most beloved pillow must eventually be replaced. In fact, the general rule is that your pillow should be replaced every 18 months to two years. Here are some things to consider when picking your new favorite pillow:

  • Learn more about how you sleep.  Take the Zzzz Score test to get some suggestions for your sleep style.
  • Figure out what size you want. Pillows these days come in a number of different sizes, going all the way up to a body pillow that’s about as tall as you are. The different sizes are generally designed for different sized beds.
  • Choose your filling. Pillows today use a variety of different fillings, including goose down, synthetic down, memory foam, and gell beads. Which one is best for you depends on your specific sleep needs and your personal preference.
  • What’s best for you might not be best for your friend, significant other, or parent.
  • Do you have allergies? If so, you should definitely consider a pillow made with synthetic materials, and buy a hypoallergenic cover for the pillow.

Another popular way to upgrade your sleep is to consider adding a mattress topper. That extra layer of foam can act like a mattress upgrade and improve your chances for a deeper, more restorative sleep.

That’s a lot of information and picking the right pillow can seem a little overwhelming, but consider the relationship you have with your pillow – it’s an intimate part of one-third of your life. So take the time to pick the right one and buy as high quality a pillow as you can afford. After all, a great pillow can give you a wonderful night’s sleep night-after-night, and that’s something worth singing about!