How to Sleep Better Despite the Winter Cold

Assuming you have proper heat in your home and a comfortable place to sleep, winter can be one of the more enjoyable times of year to sleep.  Here are some tips to make the most of your sleep as we reach the coldest winter months:

Don’t crank up the heat: New research indicates that by lowering your skin temperature you can achieve a sounder and less interrupted sleep.  You can do this by taking a warm (not hot) bath before bed and not turning the heat up too high at night. It’s best to leave your thermostat set to between 60 and 68 degrees at night.  Not only will you sleep better, you’ll save money on heating your home!

Dress for the weather: Your mother always said to dress warm when it’s cold outside, and the same advice should be taken when you’re sleeping in the winter.  If you’re taking the advice given above to not turn the heat up too high at night, you’re going to need to bundle up a little more at bedtime than during the spring or summer.  Warm, soft pajamas are a must.

Do a bedding check: Much like dressing your body for the winter, you should make sure your bedding is appropriate and up-to-date.  Flannel sheets are a big favorite in the winter, and if you don’t like heavy blankets many of the newer synthetic materials can keep you warm without a lot of bulk.

As always, if your pillow is more than a year or two old, it should probably be replaced.  Also, if you’re waking up stiff and sore in the morning, it may not be the cold weather.  The cuprit may be your mattress.  A high quality mattress pad or topper can solve many of the problems caused by an older mattress or one that’s too soft.  For suggestions, check out our Recommended Products page.

Raise the humidity: The air can be very dry in the winter, leaving many with sore throats and dry noses in the morning.  Try turning on a humidifier in your bedroom. The increased humidity will not only solve the dryness problem, it can also make a cold room feel warmer.

Consider an air cleaner: If you have pet and dust mite allergies, those allergens can build up during the winter.  An air cleaner can help you breathe better at night.

What’s your favorite season for sleep?  Let us know below in comments!