Is Spring the Worst Season for Sleep?

It’s been a weird year so far.  February was freakishly warm, then March turned freakishly cold.  Despite those extremes, we’re beginning the inevitable move toward spring.  Unfortunately, though, for many that means worse sleep.  Let us count the reasons why:


1) Pollen: Unfortunately, when we say everything is green, in many parts of the country (particularly the east and south) that means not only the plants, but also the cars and any flat surface where pollen can settle.  Pollen allergies are the most common in the U.S., and this time of year can be positively miserable for many people.

2) It’s an “in between” month: Like in the autumn, you just never know what temperature you’re going to get in the spring.  One minute, it’s 70 degrees, and the next it’s 50.  The nights are similar, with some warm enough for open windows, but others too chilly for that.  It makes choices like what pajamas to wear very difficult.  Many nights you’ll find yourself too cold or too hot because you made the wrong choice.

3) It’s a busy season: Many companies, particularly those where outside work is a necessity, ramp up in the spring.  To add to that, in the U.S. it’s also tax season.  This is not a relaxing time for many people.

So, if spring is your least favorite month for sleep … what do you do?  Since you can’t just skip to summer, you’ll just have to do your best.  If pollen is an issue, take steps like the ones mentioned in our article on pollen allergies and sleep.  If temperature is a problem, watch the weather forecast, keep a fan handy if you get hot, and be prepared to pull up the covers if you get cold.  Finally, as in all other seasons, stick to your schedule and go to bed at the same time every night.  A sleep schedule is your best friend when it comes to getting a great night’s rest.

Is spring your least favorite season for sleep? Let us know in comments!