Just One Night of Bad Sleep Can Equal Relationship Trouble

Think about what you’re like when you haven’t slept well.  Maybe you’re cranky, or moody, or have a short attention span.  It turns out the threshold for those symptoms to cause issues in a relationship is lower than you might think.  In fact, it’s one night.

In the research, conducted at the University of California Berkeley, 78 couples were tracked over a two-week period. Each day the couples made notes about their sleep quality and any arguments they’d had with their partners.

The results showed that even for those who were good sleepers, just a single night’s poor sleep was associated with increased relationship conflict the next day and only one partner in the couple had to to have a bad night’s sleep for the their relationship to suffer the next day.

Conflict resolution, or a positive outcome without too much conflict, occurred among couples most often when both partners were well rested.

Source: Efficient Life Skills